Les silences du chat

Illustrated poems


Book in French

Fourth cover :


“Because the happy days will never return and our tomorrows will remain forever unpredictable, we might as well fly away without further delay to the top of the canopy. (…) Up there, no misleading reflection or cry of hatred will ever darken the atmosphere. We taste the bite of the sun like a caress, even if it means burning alive, even if it means becoming blind and deaf to the world of men lying down below. (…) A country where time suspended in the song of the wind blows a motionless breeze over a prodigious panorama, a shore of peaceful waters, a miraculous island for the innocent and the broken hearted. »


Beyond the din of our lives and the turmoil of our lives, beyond the wounds of our personal stories, there is a place that we can reach, a place where we can find our serenity, finally rid of all these vicissitudes that prevent us from enjoying happiness.


To find it, just follow the route of the cat whose silences guide us through our existential disturbances. In twenty prose poems of breathtaking beauty, doubts, fear, pretenses, emptiness, regrets give way to hope, love, dreams, freedom, light.